‘The Telephone’, an Homage to Dali by Hans-Jürgen Henn

Surrealism lives on in this playful piece by Hans-Jürgen Henn, inspired by one of Dali’s paintings. This masterful and compelling lobster telephone sculpture features numerous beautifully set precious gemstones which form the main body of the work and its dial, together with a swirly base which cleverly suggests the malleability and fluidity in Dali’s surrealist imagery. This is set in pure natural iron, chosen to symbolise the earth itself.

Expertly rendered in yellow and white gold and embellished with fine hand enamelling, ‘The Telephone’ features rock crystal and aquamarine. These are joined by emeralds, rubies and blue sapphires as well as a star sapphire, diamonds and a tanzanite. Unique and oozing with charm and colour together with a generous dose of mischievous humour, this is one for a discerning art collector with an appreciation for fine gems and the eccentric.

Materials: rock crystal, various coloured gemstones, diamonds, enamel, 18 ct gold | Dimensions: 320 mm high

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