Aquamarine Polar Bear Cubs

The shape, clarity and tone of this rare Brazilian aquamarine suggested an icy landscape graced with a playful pair of young polar bears. The engaging little cubs have been expertly hand carved in this exceptional gemstone, their features and furry coats finely detailed in a matt and polished finish, their soulful eyes defined by deep sapphire cabochons. 

This charming little pair is typical of Henn’s evocative and naturalistic sculptures, being presented in a manner which is true to their wild habitat, with each of the cubs having its own distinct personality. These qualities combined with the finest of gemstones and the very best in craftsmanship is precisely why the company’s creations are so coveted and collected by clients across the globe.

Materials: 5500 ct aquamarine, sapphire eyes | Dimensions: 103 mm high

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