Aquamarine Owlet

Inspired by the shape and the glorious, virtually glacial translucence of an excellent quality aquamarine from Pakistan, an owlet has been expertly hand carved in this exquisitely coloured gemstone in an exclusive creative collaboration with master carver Alfred Zimmermann. 

A refined young bird in every aspect, from its delicately detailed plumage and features to its endearing expression, with eyes further embellished with citrines and yellow gold, the same precious metal defining its little beak and claws. 

A charming, sensitive and compelling aquamarine carving which perfectly demonstrates Henn’s unerring talent in marrying superlative gemstone colour and quality with sensitive and skilled craftsmanship to create unique objets d’art which capture nature in all its exceptional beauty.

Materials: 8300 ct aquamarine, citrine eyes, 18 ct yellow gold | Dimensions: 145 mm high

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