‘Celestial Lion’ Pendant

At the heart of the ‘Celestial Lion’ pendant lies a world class gem, an exceptional Santa Maria aquamarine from Minas Gerais, Brazil, in a perfect shade of blue. Its rarity is further enhanced having been hand carved by the renowned master carver Alfred Zimmermann.

This unique composition features a lion head motif symbolising strength, power and wisdom while the gemstone’s vivid blue reflects the vast skies that unite us all. This finely carved masterpiece is framed in diamonds set in white gold, like imaginary clouds. A yellow sapphire eye and platinum teeth add refined textures as well as emphasising the divine creature’s magnificence.  

The pendant can be worn with a custom designed diamond and white gold necklace. A superlative gemstone, exquisite craftsmanship and accomplished design together spell an eminent and extremely precious Henn of London signature piece.

Materials: hand carved 69 ct Santa Maria aquamarine, diamonds, 18 ct white gold

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